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CCTV Systems

Safety and security are of utmost importance to every individual, thus the growing need for cctv systems in every home, office or business.

With technology improving greatly over the years, you now have the ability to view footage or motion detected alarms and even monitor entry and exits to your property remotely no matter where you are in the world, day or night using your smart mobile device.

Our engineers are experts in the field of cctv installation and integration on new and existing systems. Our systems are custom designed and are not only based on your individual needs it is also aesthetically pleasing, reliable and of the highest quality. So leave your next installation to us to assess what system is best for you.


Ever have someone ring your bell and you just sat down with a nice cup of coffee, only to have you stand up to answer it and they have already left or got the wrong address for a delivery? Frustrating!!

Well you don’t have to; intercom systems have advanced over the years so much so that now you can answer your door bell via your Smartphone or laptop without even being at home or office.

Our expertise and the quality of the equipment we use gives you crystal clear sound and high resolution cameras to monitor every door bell with the comfort of hearing and seeing exactly who is entering your doors.

Electric Fencing

An electric fence is the most effective non lethal physical barrier between an intruder and your home. It not only offers peace of mind to you but can also serve as a deterrent to burglars and if professionally installed can offer years of service without deterioration.

We are fully equipped to install and maintain your electric fence irrespective the size, we can also integrate your fence so that it is synced to your alarm system or as a standalone function.

Alarm Systems

Your safety is our top priority and we take no shortcuts, hence we only use the best quality equipment and our engineers are uniquely qualified to install and integrate your new system and/or service any other alarm system on the market.

With the integration of your alarm to your smart mobile device you are always in control, from live notifications when the alarm is triggered to opening and closing of entrances and exits as well as faults. You will be notified if your alarm is triggered even before your armed response, allowing you the control of knowing what’s happening as opposed to waiting on feedback from them.

We offer a wide variety of options from wired or wireless systems to internal or external beams and our after sales service is unmatched to say the least. So don’t settle for cheap kits and empty promises, your safety and that of your family is worth much more.

Access Control Systems

Access control being only for businesses and other corporates is a thing of the past, and is now available to everyone who wishes to have this system installed for their safety and security.

Access control is a crucial layer of security that is sometimes taken for granted but is very useful and most definitely adds to the safety aspect of every home, office or business.

Our systems range from keypad devices to tag readers and also more advance options such as biometric access. Let our design experts create a tailor made access control system to meet your every need.

Network Integration

An integrated security system takes multi-layered security systems and integrates them into one solution, so whether for home or for your office or business network infrastructure is always key and Wifi plays a big part in this.

Our CISCO qualified engineers are fully capable to integrate networks, new and existing, throughout your home or business, discreetly and of course wirelessly. Our robust Wifi access points allow secure Wifi access from long distances and at high speeds.

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